Technology solutions Tailored to your business


Making Technology Invisible


Desktops, laptops, servers, network equipment, printers… if it’s connected to your network or any other technology used in your business we can help you find the best product and make sure its installed properly.


Software brings value to the technology we use. Whether you need the latest version of Microsoft Office, upgrading your operating system, or trying to find an application to automate your workflow, we can help you find it, install it, and make sure it fits your need.


When your computer or application stops functioning properly productivity goes down and frustration levels go up. We offer support both onsite and remote via email, telephone, and face to face communication.


Troubleshooting, design, implementation, upgrade both wired and wireless. From two computers to two hundred computers we can make them talk.

Managed Services

When your business depends on computers to the point that when one goes down you lose money it is time to look at proactive monitoring and management of your infrastructure. From basic hardware monitoring to full service onsite support including hardware replacement for a flat monthly fee.


To protect your systems from the scoundrels on the internet trying to use your system for personal, financial, or social gain, an industry leading anti-virus solution will give you and your clients the best protection.


There are hundreds of email solutions out there competing for your business. What are your core needs and which of these solutions fits them best? From Gmail to Office365 and everything in between we can help you select the proper solution.


Security is more than have a firewall enabled and Anti-virus installed on your computer. It involves identifying and mitigating risk, training your employees, complying with industry regulation, and protecting your clients. Putting the right products and training in place to make sure you are doing everything to protect your businesses good name.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.
-Bill Gates
Technology Solutions Tailored to your Business

Jeremy’s ‘affinity’ for IT began before he went into high school. He attended Robert Hungerford Preparatory High School in a four year Information Technology magnet program in Central Florida, graduating in the top 10% of his class. After high school Jeremy was able to become a Microsoft Certified Professional which helped him land a job working with computers. Before long Jeremy was asked to manage a managed print services contract representing HP for 18 months. During this time Jeremy went back to school taking classes in network administration from DeVry and then software development from Valencia College.

When the opportunity presented itself he took a job with a healthcare consulting company to bring patient records to a Blackberry application and then to the iPhone. This opened the door to healthcare IT consulting and later an opportunity to be a technical instructor. After four years of teaching hospital technical staff and administrators internationally in areas such as System Administration, Integration, and Reporting, Jeremy decided to channel his passion and experience in technology to help small businesses at home in Central Florida.

Affinity Tech Solutions was created to bring computer solutions to small businesses. Our goal is to take the headaches out of technology, and to make IT run seamlessly. We do what we love, so you can do what you love!

  • Ability to troubleshoot and implement the underlying technologies

  • Being able to listen and understand a problem and then apply the proper solution

  • Communicate the problem and solution in a way that is easy to understand

  • Ability to manipulate ones body in response to an audible sound gracefully

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